Foods And Blood Pressure

Do you know which foods can help lower your Blood Pressure?

Food…what you should be eating for lowering high blood pressure!

There are many types of food available today that can help you to keep your blood pressure under control. Blood pressure medication can be very important when dealing with hypertension, but food that naturally lowers blood pressure should also be consumed as often as possible.

Foods capable of helping lower blood pressure

  • garlic
  • fish oil
  • onions
  • many fresh fruits and vegetables
  • low-fat dairy products

Foods that can increase your blood pressure

  • red meat
  • egg yolks
  • foods with increased cholesterol
  • foods high in fat content

Garlic and onions are good foods to help lower blood pressure levels, as well as many fruits and vegetables and fish oil. Fruits and vegetables are the main food groups that help lower blood pressure levels. Popular fruits and vegetables include oranges, potatoes, and cabbage. 

Low fat dairy products, such as low fat-yogurt, and cottage cheese, can help lower raised blood pressure levels. Regular dairy foods can be high in fat content, and should not be consumed in quantity on a regular basis – especially treats like big dollops of fresh cream on your sugar laden dessert. These low-fat dairy products are successful in bringing down elevated blood pressure levels due to the fact they have an extremely low fat content.

 White meat, like chicken or turkey, may be considered two of the foods that can help lower high blood pressure and fight hypertension. Eggs fall into that same category. Eating egg whites, as opposed to eating the entire egg can also lower your cholesterol level, thus lowering your blood pressure.

Calcium, Vitamin E, as well as fish oil can all be taken in the form of a dietary supplement. Taking these supplements, or eating foods low in fat, yet high in these vitamins, can significantly reduce your risk of hypertension, as well as lower your blood pressure.

Increased cholesterol levels, excessive alcohol consumption, and increased sodium levels can all make high blood pressure worse. It is always best to avoid any of these things to an excess and consume food known to reduce blood pressure levels.

A good healthy diet can determine whether or not the person will be prescribed medication. In many instances, hypertension can be completely controlled with the proper diet and exercise.