The Importance of Skin Imaging

Skin imaging is used extensively to diagnose and monitor the general condition of the skin as well as detect any potential skin cancer or tumor. It is done with the help of a magnifying instrument called the optical coherence tomography (OCD) scanner. This instrument finds regions of high contrast using the principle of optical physics. The machine also makes use of electromagnetic radiation that comes from reflected light waves. This equipment helps in the detection of minute defects that are usually difficult to treat and detect. Skin cancer is one such disease and skin imaging can be used to determine the presence of such diseases or abnormalities on a skin photograph – click for more

Why you need Skin Imaging

The success rate of this kind of examination has increased over the years with a high level of accuracy. Depending upon your requirements, you can either choose the traditional methods or the state of the art digital skin imaging machines. Depending on your requirements, you can either use it at a clinic or at home. The former involves a trained doctor who uses special software while the latter is an online technique.

The traditional method of digital skin imaging involves two types of procedures. One is the Diffuse electron microscopy where lots of fluorescent dye is applied to the region being examined. The detector then traces the light waves back to the source. The other type is the Stimulated Emission of Radiation (SUR) where a high intensity beam of radiation is emitted from a laser onto the area being observed. A photocell detector then detects the light and the location of the beam on the screen. The diffused method is used for detection of small abnormalities whereas the SOS method detects tumors or other serious medical conditions.


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Gaffer Tape and Its Types

Gaffer tape is an adhesive tape having extreme adhesive strength and tensile strength. It’s widely used in film, photography, theatre, radio, and television production, as well as industrial painting work. The adhesive property of this tape makes it suitable for use on a wide range of substrates, which includes wooden, plastic, fabric, metal and even ceramics. The thickness of the tape can be adjusted to make it more or less tape-like; for instance, a little bit of gaffer tape added to one edge of the tape will create a very thin layer over the other side.

How to choose Gaffer Tape and Its Types

gaffer tape

Gaffer tape has several applications including use in stripping cables, seams and routing for better cable and duct tape control, protection of electrical components, repair of broken lines, and removal of moisture from surface areas. Some types of gaffer tape are also used for aesthetic purposes such as adding a touch of elegance to computer screens, printing pictures, or removing moldings and other marks from furniture. However, some types of gaffer tape have excellent electrical characteristics that make it suitable for electrical applications such as soldering. To remove the tape from one surface without causing any mess or damage, a special tape cleaning brush is needed.

There are different kinds of gaffer tape available in the market and they can be cleaned easily using ordinary white cotton cloths. However, due to the presence of moisture, excessive care should be taken while handling them. When gaffer tape gets wet, it should be allowed to dry up completely before handling them again. If this is not done, the tape will begin to peel off from its sticky backside and may even cause short-circuit in your electric wires. Therefore, it is important to handle gaffer tape in a proper manner so that it does not cause any damage to your electronic equipment or wires.