In this article we will let you know about alexa rank and we will be sharing some tips on how to improve the alexa ranking for your website.

What is Alexa Rank?

Alexa is a california based web informative company which is acquired by Amazon in the year of 1999.

Alexa Rank is a famous metric for calculating rankings of a website. In previous days Google Page rank was the best metric tool for giving ranks to websites. But Google announced that they may not updated their page rankings any more. and recently they’ve disabled page ranking also. Apart from Google page ranking, there are some more metrics like Moz rank, Domain authority, Alexa rank etc. Among all these things, Alexa ranking is now became very popular. One of the main reason for that is the other metrics like Moz & domain authority won’t update their rankings on regular basis. They do update only once or twice in a month. Unlike these websites alexa updates its rankings every single day. That’s why it got good response from bloggers and web masters.

How to check Alexa Rank?

Here is the step by step guide to check the alexa rank. Its very simple procedure.

1 Go to alexa ranking check tool.

2 Give your website URL in the site overview field as shown in the below image and hit enter.

3. That’s it! You’ll get both global rank and country rankings for your website as shown in the following image.

Alexa is not only a website ranks checker tool but also there are number of features available in it. Some of them are checking the bounce rate of a website, Daily pageviews per visitor, daily time on the site and top keywords that are bringing traffic to our site and their contribution in percentage.

It has backlinks checker feature also. You can get all the backlinks to your site information and upstream sites for your site.

Alexa rankings of some popular websites:

Google      :  1

Facebook  :  2

YouTube   :  4

Yahoo       :  5

Wikipedia :  6

Amazon    :  7

Lol : Alexa rank of alexa.com is 1,803 

How Alexa Calculates its rankings?

Alexa follows a simple algorithm to calculate rankings. Its mostly based on number of visitors for that sites installed alexa tool bar in their browsers. It’s hard to believe but true!

Traffic from the people who have installed alexa tool bar will get better rankings. traffic is based on pageviews and page reaches. Page reaches is number people who have installed alexa tool bar visited the site. Page views are referred to number of URL or web pages visited by alexa tool bar users. If a particular person with alexa tool bar installed opened site many times and many page views, they all will be considered as one.

Mostly bloggers and webmasters installs alexa tool bars to check their rankings. So in order to get good alexa rankings, you’ve to write content that reaches to webmasters. Getting traffic from Bloggers is the key point here. Blogs with blogging, seo, wordpress niche is tend to get more alexa ranking than niche related to health, technology etc.

In google page rank, if rank of the page is high it means it is performing well. But here in alexa rank if the page rank is low then that means it is doing better. Alexa ranking system is completely in contrast to that of Google ranking system.

How to Improve alexa ranking :

Even though traffic from alexa tool bar installed users is the key factor here, there are many other factors also which decides the alexa rankings of a website.

  1. Install Alexa Tool bar:

As we are saying from the beginning, alexa tool bar plays a key role in improving the rankings. Just assume you visit your own website some 20-30 times a day. So it helps you to perform better.

Alexa toolbar extension is available for both Google chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. Take some time to install it. and ask your friends also to install this extension on their browsers. It helps a lot in getting good rankings.

2. Write 2-3 posts daily :

Ofcourse everyone loves fresh content, including alexa too. In fact it is a good sign why people still considering ranking system of alexa. Write at least 2-3 posts to boost your rankings at an enormous rate. Update your blog daily. No one likes rarely updated blogs or dead websites.

3. Write about Blogging :

For getting better traffic from webmasters thereby getting traffic from alexa tool bar installed people, you’ve to write about blogging or atleast write about your blogging experiences. Attracting the bloggers helps you in getting better results.

4. Install Alexa Widget in your website:

Placing an alexa widget in your website tend to get more better rankings for your website. For that we have to register our website at alexa.com and they’ll give a code which we can paste in our website source code.

5. Active on Social Media :

Be active in all the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LikedIn to get better traffic for your site. Maintain a facebook group and page for your website. Keep posting updates about your website and share your blog posts on social media groups. Use Google+ also as a platform to promote your site. It is good for your website SEO also.

Conclusion :

Even though Alexa rankings are of some what unfair but still google give priority to alexa rankings. But still getting good traffic from high profile persons like Bloggers & Webmasters is not a normal thing. Many ad networks also takes alexa rank into consideration while giving rank to our site. So keep an eye on raising your alexa rank high.

That’s all from my side. Do you have anything to share? Do comment and share this article.

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